YC 123 New Eden Capsuleers’ Writing Contest


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Poetry Winners!
1st Riordan Bouchate for “Homeward Bound| (( [YC 123 NECWC] Homeward Bound 6 ))
2nd Ailo Koskinen for “The Storm” (( [YC 123 NECWC] The Storm 2 ))
3rd Cilisa Lugara for “Untitled” (( YC 123 NEWCWC “Untitled” 1 ))
4th. Silas Milako for “What the Stars are Missing” (([YC123-NEWCWC] What the Stars are Missing 2) ))
Honorable Mentions: Clementine Lafleur, Dark Magni, Snowflake Tem, Vehaima Zekaarin

Prose Winners:
1st Cyrus Kurtz for “Cheap Thrills” (( YC 123 NEWCWC [Cheap Thrills] ))
2nd Tanagura Amoii for “Expectations” (( [YC 123 New Eden Writing Contest] Expectations 1 ))
3rd CloakAndDagger Insidious for “Windrunners’ (( Windrunners – Google Docs ))
4th Murray Rothbardo for “Hell” (( [YC 123 NECWC] Hell 1 ))
Honorable Mentions: Ernak Barca, Duke Shasta, Elsebeth Rhiannon, and Jacon Gotthammer

News/Gossip Winners:
1st Aria Jenneth for War Journal: Triglavian Collective (( War Journal: Triglavian Collective 2 ))
2nd Aria Jenneth for A Diver’s Notes on the Abyss (( A Diver’s Notes on the Abyss 1 ))
3rd Avio Yaken for Windchime Wayism Transcripts (( Windchime Wayism transcripts – Google Docs 2 ))
4th Riordan Bouchate for I-RCN Updated Format Newsfeed (( [YC 123 NECWC] I-RCN Updated Format Newsfeed 1 ))
Honorable Mentions: Lauralite Anne Brezia and Duke Shasta

Academic Winners:
1st Elsebeth Rhiannon and Debes Sparre for Pochven Enty Manual (( https://pochven.electusmatari.com/ ))
2nd Sky Seolec* and her team for Vitoxin-Mutaplasmid Interactions (( Vitoxin-mutaplasmid interactions – Google Slides ))
3rd Valerie Valate for The application of laser weld analysis (( The Application Of Laser Weld Defect Analysis And Other Engineering Methodologies To The Study Of Archaeological Remains In Conflicts Involving Amarr Forces ))
4th Theodosius Savnar for the Book of Records (( The Endeavors of Theodosius Savnar: The Book of Records ))
Honorable Mentions: Amicia Cora, Tanagura Amoii

In a separate post, i’ll indicate some special prizes.
The ISK for the above prizes will be awarded in about 72 hours!

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