YC 123 New Eden Capsuleers’ Writing Contest

In light of the successful contest the last seven years I am pleased to announce the EIGHTH (yay!) year for a writing contest for stories or poems by or about Capsuleers/Baseliners and their worlds and cultures.  


  • There will be FOUR categories this year: 
  • Poetry 
  • Prose 
  • Academic/
  • Scientific (e.g. Academic, Economic Reports, Science Reports, Theological Writings, Treatises, etc.) News/Gossip/Opinion Pieces 


 There is no minimum length. Maximum length is 15,000 words. There is no required subject matter; the content may be fiction or non-fiction. 

 Prior works are eligible as long as posted or published AFTER May 15, YC 122 (2020). This means, for example, works in the recent story-time thread on the IGS or stories and gossip reports (in Player Fiction) in the past uear can be nominated by their authors for consideration. 

 Please post entries by linking in this thread or by a clear label in the Eve Fiction category of these forums, e.g. [YC 123 NEWCWC your work title here] as the title.


  • FIRST PLACE – 5 billion isk
  • SECOND PLACE – 3 billion isk
  • THIRD PLACE – 750 million isk
  • FOURTH PLACE – 250 million isk
  • Honorable Mentions – 50 million isk

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