WWB2: The Story So Far


World War Bee 2 has been rampaging through New Eden since last July, marking nearly 250 days since the inception of the PAPI coalition, comprised primarily of the Legacy and PanFam/Winter coalitions, with the primary goal of nuking the Imperium (commonly referred to as Goons) out of existence. Through nine months of war, a lot has happened. The Imperium News Network has been posting updates about the combat actions and strategic accomplishments every week for the last 35 weeks (their latest here) and you can view all these updates here. However, the intention of this article is to, instead of digging into specific battles and turning points, provide a broad stroked view of the war, taking you from the beginning to now, where the war is entering its final phase: the Siege and (hopefully for PAPI) eventual destruction of the Goon staging system of 1DQ1-A.

Throughout this article, there will be links to specific coverage both on this website and other EVE news outlets. These links can open in a new window so feel free to read at your leisure.

Before we dig in to the events of the war, there are two campaign battle reports that I would like to share. The first battle report is circulated by the Imperium and includes every region in the game and also places anyone who is not the Imperium on the side of PAPI. This includes neutral logistics crews (which the Imperium uses) who are unfortunate enough to meet their end in various reaches of space. I have also prepared an alternate battle report, only looking at the areas of conflict (including invaders’ home regions where a counter-invasion has happened) and removing truly neutral parties from either side. Though, at the scale of loss here, the difference is rather trivial, I feel it relevant to ensure accuracy in reporting.

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