World Records, Arms Race And Cinematics – An Interview With EVE Online’s Creative Director And Brand Manager

Oftentimes when we hear about CCP Games filing away yet another world record for their massively multiplayer game, EVE Online, it’s easy to just dismiss it as it’s old-hat. At this point, multiple records have been racked up over the years, leading me to joke during the interview that the team is going to have to install a whole new shelf at the office for all the records that come in. But, while the team can justifiably take some pride in what their game is doing, they are also quick to remind people that it’s not them setting the records per se. Rather, it’s the players themselves doing the hard work.

“If you think about it, the world record, for most players, the new one was achieved on a Tuesday, starting [at] like 2pm Icelandic time. And it went on for 14 hours on a random Tuesday,” Sæmi continued. “There was nothing special about this Tuesday apart from the World Records. Having in place the logistics that go behind it, having like a schedule to keep players logging in when others need to leave. Having this stream going on and explaining what’s going on like a[n] election night. ‘If you’re now tuning in, here’s to give you a brief of what’s going on.’ All that effort from the players is what is so cool about this. They are the ones getting these World Records, and all the stories and all the effort that goes into it. That is what is so amazing to me .”

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