Updates To Skill Training

Updates To Skill Training

As discussed throughout the EVE World Tour in 2019 and further in the July Status Update dev blog, placing emphasis on embracing new players is important for EVE to continue standing the test of time, and to set it up for a thriving third decade. With the ongoing EVE Forever initiative and the focus on embracing new players, we are updating one of the game’s core systems: Skills.

Have you ever been browsing the forums for a good list of skills for a particular goal, or been playing with EVEMon and said to yourself “I wish I could do that in the game”?

Coming this September, the Skill Plans feature will be introduced into EVE Online. It will allow you to create, share, and interact with purposely created lists of skills within the client.

In addition, that release will bring big changes to the skills and training queue interface.

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