Union Day Propaganda Contest

As the Foundation quadrant draws to a close it’s time for the Caldari to celebrate Union Day.

As with the other factions, the State seeks contributions of capsuleer propaganda that celebrate the unity and resilience of Caldari! To be in the running to win some cool prizes you must submit a piece of propaganda for review. Some of the topics it could address are:

  • celebrate the rich history of the Caldari people
  • denigrate the the enemies of the State – i.e. the Gallente, Minmatar, Guristas or Triglavians
  • highlight a famous location in the State
  • recognize a notable Caldari citizen and their accomplishments (this includes both player and non-player characters)

Or something else not listed here – as long as it’s putting the Caldari in the spotlight we want to see it! You can find some examples of the excellent work produced by capsuleers for the previous Foundation quadrant contests in these threads 1|2|3 on the official forums.

Submissions will be pored over by a crack team of CCP developers with impeccable taste and the chosen winners will receive the following:

1st place

  • Your choice of any Caldari ship model (Condor, Naga or Scorpion) offered by our friends at Mixed Dimensions
  • A set of brand new apparel: the State Commander’s Dress Jacket and Pants (men’s and women’s)
  • Golem Octopus Orange Flight SKIN

2nd place

  • 1100 PLEX
  • State Commander’s Dress Jacket and Pants (men’s and women’s)
  • Raven Octopus Orange Flight SKIN

3rd place

  • 500 PLEX
  • State Commander’s Dress Jacket and Pants (men’s and women’s)
  • Drake Octopus Orange Flight SKIN

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