Thoughts on 18 Cruiser FFA Proving Grounds

Eve Online

“First of: I get it. Eve is now 18 years old. And on your eighteenth birthday, some of you may have done something a bit crazy as well. Something chaotic. And putting eighteen meta-fitted T1 Cruisers into an Abyssal Arena can get very chaotic very quickly. Mission accomplished?

The Good

Chaos. I queued up five times. And it was a lot of fun to see people splitting up into little brawls and kite around, accidentially running into the scram-web Thorax and getting shredded by Blasters. Also “gf” to the Caracal that rushed in on my Arbitrator and just overwhelmed my Ancillary Armor Repper with Rapid Lights while I was distracted defanging Berserker Drones from a Vexor. That was just well played. It’s also fun to see the very different approaches to fitting and the market players in Jita surely earned some nice money off this event.”

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