There’s A Lot Going On In Eve Online And You Can Vote For Your CSM Reps Now!

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Well, it seems like things are pretty busy in the Eve Online universe. First off, the mobile observatories that were in testing have made their way to the game’s main server, Tranquility. This means players now have some defense against cloaked ships in lowsec and nullsec space. Of course, it’s not 100% effective. But what is?

It looks like the Stargate Trailblazers event is going well for players, as CCP announced that four new routes are now active in the game — one for each of the game’s races. That means players have been successful in fighting off pirates and obtaining the material needed to build the proper gates. It also means players now have options for shorter trips between areas — in some cases cutting the trips by 20 jumps or more. Of course, shorter routes can be more dangerous. Luckily, for the more cautious types, the longer trips are still an option.

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