Eve Online - Free to Play

The Grand Heist is now live in EVE Online! Assemble your crew, get the band back together, fire up your friends and your fleets – now’s the time to take full advantage of a rare set of circumstances to liberate riches from massive reserve bank stashes of over 20 trillion ISK!

In addition, thanks to the actions of the notorious Guristas Pirates, millions in ISK are floating around New Eden and being gifted daily to Capsuleers at a time when the empires have agreed to an overall broker’s fee and market tax reduction for three months. What better time to organize, mobilize, and capitalize?


The Guristas Pirates have been hitting Secure Commerce Commission (SCC) sites all over Lowsec, grabbing ESS keys and raiding reserve banks, causing chaos across New Eden. It’s time for you and your crew to grab your cut! Whenever a pirate bounty is paid out within a Nullsec system, a small part of it is placed in the reserve bank, where it remains until claimed by the player who has the ESS key to unlock it. ESS-authorized keys are now available from the SCC key storage sites in Lowsec via cosmic signatures that must be scanned down.

Eve Online - Free To Play

There are eight types of reserve keys to be found, and each has a corresponding quadrant of the map where it can be used and a duration that it will hold the reserve bank open. Be warned, though, trespassing into a reserve bank will alert the entire region, so make sure that you and your crew have planned an airtight heist which lets you hold the grid for the duration of the unlock!

There are certain ship class restrictions that apply to the reserve bank sites, but that challenge will ensure that only Capsuleers who show patience and skill will be able to pull off the heist.

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