The Ferocious Few – A Video Competition

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We Shall call this Competition – The Ferocious Few

This is your chance to show off your skills and go home with a fat sack of isk and valuable skins. All you have to do is go roaming like you normally do and record the fights. Pick your best fight(s) and submit them to the competition. A panel of judges will pick the best submission in 5 different categories to win the prizes and be featured by the <10 podcast. Additional smaller side prizes may be added later.


  • Best Solo (no backpacks are not solo)
  • Best Escalation (Total gang must always stay less than 10 pilots)
  • Best Big Brain – (solo or small gang, off meta ship use)
  • Best Cheap Ship Usage (frag out in that caracal)
  • Best Support POV ( Logi – Ewar – Cepter – The hidden heroes)

RULES: Each Video can only be submitted to one category, however you can submit multiple fights. Only solo fights and fights with 9 or less friendly ships (including yours) on the grid are allowed. Must be newly made content from July and August 2021. Must be on TQ

HOW TO SUBMIT: Videos may be edited however you wish, but must be uploaded to YouTube and submitted to Casper24 (Casper#7059) with a BR included. Deadline for submissions is August 31st

RECOMMENDATIONS: Videos should be 1080p or better. Including comms will make it easier for the viewer to understand the story of the fight. Speeding up parts of the video or skipping segments can be used. Be careful that you don’t make the fight too hard to follow. Please avoid obnoxious and extremely loud music. Also beware of copyright claims.

PRIZES!!! The <10 team will be donating LUMPS of partner skins (Astero, Caracal, Vexor, Rupture, Maller, Procurer, Megathron)

CCP has agreed to add on some extra goodies as well! TY Community team!

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