The coolest EVE Online locations you should visit at least once

Coolest Places To Visit

EVE Online’s galaxy is one filled with stories of war, betrayal, and players performing incredible feats like visiting every one of its 7,805 star systems. But what’s amazing is how frequently those stories—and the players who inspired them—have left a permanent mark on New Eden. They become more than just another chapter in its living fiction, but a physical part of the game itself. For years, developer CCP Games has immortalized players and battles with permanent monuments that anyone can visit.

Combined with unique tourism spots that help tell a piece of its complicated in-game lore, these monuments to players make EVE Online a uniquely fascinating world to explore. Y’know, when you’re not busy being a pirate or trying to become filthy rich cornering the market on ship modules. And because EVE Online is now free-to-play, there’s little stopping you from going on an intergalactic road trip. Here are the coolest places in EVE Online that everyone should see at least once.

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