The authors of EVE Online confirmed work on an “ambitious” shooter in the game’s universe, which will “define the genre”

Eve Online

A shooter in the EVE Online universe, an evolution of Project Legion (codename), was already in development at London-based studio CCP Games. It was subsequently confirmed to be Project Nova, whose development was suspended at the end of 2018.

However, the creator of EVE Online hasn’t given up on his plans. The London office has been working on a project based on Unreal Engine 4 for several years. And new studio head Adrian Blunt, former VP of Game Development at Splash Damage, recently spoke about the upcoming shooter in EVE Online.

In an interview with MCV UK, Blunt said about 40 people are working on the project, but the final team size will depend on the game’s scale. According to him, this is a very ambitious shooter that will become defining for the genre: “When I had the opportunity to meet with the team, play a game, I was amazed at what the team was able to create.”

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