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The constructions efforts from the Stargate Trailblazers event have come to close and new routes are open around New Eden! You can visit these modern marvels and save dozens of jumps on your travels between trade hubs to PvP hot spots.

Continuing the theme of the current Quadrant, Foundation, every empire has built their own gate, each with its own unique benefits.

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What was previously a 23-jump route from Jita to Amarr has now been cut down to 12 jumps through a new shortcut. This Stargate offers excellent trading prospects or faster fleet passage for Capsuleers willing to brave the 0.4 Lowsec system of Ahbazon. The new route provides an exciting option for confident pilots looking to shave 33 jumps off the longer Highsec route.

Total units of ore mined by players: 1,462,690,000

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The long-awaited gate to Stain has now arrived, making the trip there from nearby Amarr much quicker at only 9 jumps through Tash-Murkon. Previously, Capsuleers travelling out to this NPC Nullsec area would have to choose between a 44-jump trek through Aridia and Delve or a 24-jump journey through Catch.

Total units of ore mined by players: 218,910,000

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A new gate in Placid now leads out into the isolated region of Solitude through Eggheron. This connection saves an otherwise 18-jump round trip through Nullsec and connects Solitude with the rest of the Federation.

Total units of ore mined by players: 257,470,000

Eve Online - Free To Play


Finally, a new Minmatar route from Irgrus to Pakhshi is now available, once more connecting Minmatar and CONCORD space. This Yulai highway cuts out 20 jumps between the north of Genesis and the heart of Metropolis.

Total units of ore mined by players: 862,390,000

The pathways forged with these new gate connections will help you and your fleets move more effectively around New Eden for trade, combat, or even just seeing the sights. Go check out the new gates today!
Eve Online - Free To Play

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