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InterStellar Kredits (ISK) farming on EVE Online is challenging. A prevalent opinion amongst players is that working an hour in a real-life job is more profitable than spending an hour mining EVE ISK. Mining EVE ISK is so time-consuming and unfulfilling that you would rather do that minimum wage job and hopefully meet new people, and perk up that resume.

Farming EVE Online ISK can be particularly challenging for newbies. They only receive a noob ship, some starter missions, and a brief tutorial. They are then sent into the harshness of space with nothing more than determination to fend for themselves.

New EVE Online players soon come to realize that they need ISK to survive the savagery of the frontier space. You cannot purchase equipment, ships, or trade goods without ISK. So, players are left with no option but to spend endless hours mining ISK.

All that you need to mine is low-level mining skills, and a frigate equipped with a Miner 1 module. Hit the asteroid belt and mine ore, gas, or ice. Nevertheless, this option offers low rewards, which is why most players prefer real-life work to mining ISK.

To this end, most pros warn the antsy against mining. The impatient gamer will not enjoy EVE Online if they have to spend endless hours in their accounts farming. They advocate for missions that are more rewarding, but to access a good Marauder-class ship for your mission, for instance, you need ISK.

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