Researching the Rogues Event

Researching the Rogues

As part of the Gateway Quadrant, the brand-new Researching the Rogues event is now live in EVE Online! This is a great time to dive into New Eden with Researching the Rogues, which offers daily challenges and rewards, daily login gifts, plus combat and hacking sites until 11:00 UTC on 4 October.

Also, as EVE Online has just launched on the Epic Games store, there are exciting new packs in the EVE Store, so there’s plenty to celebrate and get involved in right now!


Rogue Drones have been a regular nuisance and threat in recent years across the cluster, but now Capsuleers are urgently being called upon by the Association for Interdisciplinary Research (AIR) to defend their research sites from attack by these drone assailants.

Rogue Drones

There are all-new combat and exploration sites across all space, with the greatest rewards available in Lowsec from Advanced Drone Outgrowth Colony and AIR Rogue Drone Researchers sites. The combat sites are designed to be run only by tech 1 frigates, faction frigates, and tech 1 destroyers. Rewards include new AIR SKINs, returning Cryptic Mimesis SKINs, cerebral accelerators, new time-limited AIR scanning boosters, returning blueprint copies for the ‘Subverted’ JVN-UC49 drone, plus overseer’s personal effects that can be sold in-game for ISK.

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