Project Nova, Eve Online’s Canceled Multiplayer Shooter, Is Getting A Reboot At CCP’s London Studio

Project Nova

Even Eve fans are likely to have forgotten Project Nova, CCP’s ambitious first-person shooter set in the Eve Online universe. Initially revealed back at Eve Fanfest 2018, it was quietly canceled in February of last year along with Fanfest 2020.

It wasn’t the coronavirus that killed Project Nova, however, but poor reception from fans after closed alpha testing. That’s according to CCP Games PR head George Kelion, who spoke to MCV about the ultimate fate of Project Nova.

“After taking [playtesting] into account, we saw that the gameplay experience of its hands-on demo did not live up to our original vision and would not achieve our ambitious goals for the project,” said Kelion. CCP then took Project Nova back into “incubation” where it has remained.

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