Playing EVE Online In A Browser Window Is Really Cool – When It Works

Eve Online Browser Game

 EVE Anywhere lets players on Safari, Edge, Chrome or Firefox browsers log into their EVE accounts and jump into the world of New Eden without downloading a game client. It’s similar to how what eventually became Google Stadia was introduced a few years ago, with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey being easily accessible through a browser window. Now that is nothing new with Stadia and other cloud services on offer, however it’s always intriguing seeing new games, and game genres embrace technology like this.

Logging into the EVE Online website will prompt a “Play In Browser” button if your account qualifies. Currently the Beta is available to Omega pilots in the USA and new players, EVE Anywhere provides a 1080p resolution feed with 60fps gameplay.

EVE Online itself isn’t a super demanding game. It can be when a ton of players are in an area together (like one of the various massive battles that make up EVE’s war history) but for most players getting a good resolution and framerate isn’t that hard. However, what EVE Anywhere does is open the potential to players who may not necessarily have hard to play the game natively, or those who want to get their EVE Online fix when on a non-gaming rig.

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