• Increased Activity Defense Multiplier (ADM) Industry modifier to make it easier to increase and sustain high industry ADM.
  • Increased ADM Military modifier to increase the delta between where the ADM drops to level 4 and the value where the Dynamic Bounty System reduces the output of the system.

Science & Industry:

Added blueprints for the new salvage drone variations:

  • The Salvage Drone II Blueprint can be invented from the Salvage Drone I Blueprint.
  • ‘The Dunk’ Salvage Drone Blueprint can be purchased from the ORE LP store.


Added two new Salvage Drone Variations:

Salvage Drone II

  • Required skills: Salvage Drone Operation 5
  • Salvaging 4
  • Drones: 1
  • Salvage Drone Specialization 1
  • Access Difficulty Bonus: 4%

‘Dunk’ Salvage Drone

  • Required skills: Salvage Drone Operation 4
  • Salvaging 4
  • Drones: 1
  • Access Difficulty Bonus: 4.5%


Added Salvage Drone Specialization skill:

Advanced proficiency at controlling salvage drones. 2% bonus to the max velocity and salvage chance of drones requiring Salvage Drone Specialization per level. Can be acquired directly from the character sheet for 13,000,000 ISK. Required prerequisite skills:

  • Salvage Drone Operation 5
  • Salvaging 4
  • Available only to Omega accounts

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