Opinion: Meet the biggest scammer in EVE Online


Of all the adjectives you might use to describe EVE Online‘s most notorious scammer, humble probably wouldn’t be one of them. But that’s exactly my impression of Scooter McCabe. Scooter McCabe (a pilot name) has taken more than just ISK, EVE’s virtual currency. He’s stolen ships, space stations, and even scammed his way into the captain’s chair of an entire alliance.

I meet the man who turned space deception into a fine art in the Planet Hollywood casino in October of 2016, surrounded by the chirps of slot machines as hunched patrons feed them tokens. When I ask him if he’s the biggest hustler in EVE, he shifts uncomfortably and says, “I don’t like to get a big head about these things.”

EVE Online’s treachery and treason is incredible, but getting into the game can be tough. Here are some basic tips that’ll help you get started.

On the surface, EVE Vegas is a community event where developer CCP Games gets together with their fans to party, gamble, and celebrate life in the virtual galaxy of EVE Online. For Scooter, it’s a chance to shed his avatar’s skin and reveal he’s not just the silver-tongued devil you’d make him out to be. In real life, he’s an average looking guy in his mid-thirties with slightly greying hair and glasses. He might rob you for everything you’re worth in EVE, but in person he’s genuine and affable.

Source Credit: PCGamer



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