The last time I wrote this (did you read that dev blog? It’s really good, I promise), Tranquility’s auto-reboot on weekends was approximately 4 minutes and 20-40 seconds, just enough for a quick cup of tea. Today’s auto-reboot, a year and a half later, was 3 minutes and 34 seconds – just enough for a quicker cup of tea (I measured it while writing this dev blog). Given the improvements we have made since 2019, an auto reboot downtime of 3 minutes and 30-40 seconds is pretty normal these days.

I could focus on this improvement of 50-60 seconds, a 22.5% improvement between 3 Dec 2019 and 3 July 2021, and predict the end of downtime on 19 December 2026 with this super-scientific graph, but the reality is more complicated than that. There is a (soft) lower bound of approximately 3 minutes given the three different activities during downtime – shutdown, database jobs, startup – which last approximately 1 minute each, unless fundamental changes are made, and the most fundamental one is still to not have any downtime at all. Downtime will not become much less than 160-200 seconds; instead there must first be fewer downtimes and then none at all. Nevertheless, I wanted to start this blog with a concrete example of improvements made in downtime reduction since last time. And now another no-downtime experiment is being planned for September 9.

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