New World Versus EVE Online An Editorial

Within my NA-West server, there is a power struggle. Actually, it would be safe to say there is a power struggle in every server now that I think about it, but that’s neither here nor there. Within my server, Syndicate is the faction to beat. We control most of the map in New World, including the heavily trafficked area of Everfall. We were the first to stake our claim, with the company Story Time achieving that server first (I was stuck in a queue when we did so…). 

Since then a coalition of Syndicate companies have started to dot the map, taking regions and protecting the valuable holdings the faction owns. Grumbling in global chat warned that if Syndicate got too powerful, players would just leave the server when transfers came up this week.

I have to admit, I’m midly amused by this. Since New World’s faction PvP was announced, it gave me flashes of one game I play a ton: The Elder Scrolls Online. That MMO couches its PvP around a three-faction battle for the Imperial Throne. Yet it’s EVE Online I’m being reminded more of as our server inches closer and closer to warfare.

The reason? The human element. 

It’s not simply a map that you’re flipping one color or the next. With each region comes its resources, its tax revenue, location to other highly trafficked regions and more. Players are forced to go through and quest as part of the main story questline in some spots. There are real, tangible reasons to capture and hold a region in New World, whereas in a game like ESO it’s a strategic location on a single battlefield. 

As a result, passions are already running deep. Governors of one region are advertising that they will “never raise your housing taxes above 10% as long as they own Everfall” or trying to convince players to set up shop in Weaver’s Fen. On our server, Marauder’s are in the prime position to supplant Syndicate – so much so that the leaders of the larger Purple companies approached Covenant with an offer: we’ll work with you to hold your territory and keep Marauder’s at bay, if you don’t attack our holdings as well. 

Joseph Bradford
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