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As part of the player-organized Totality Day events, Wirashoda played host to a spectacular brawl last weekend. The events pay homage to one of Pochven’s most exciting – and bloody – battles, which took place this summer. That encounter saw Electus Matari finishing off an Azbel belonging to the Triglavian loyalist group, Stribog Clade, in a nail-biting finale.

This weekends’ festivities were more celebratory than tactical, although that didn’t diminish from the action! With over a dozen fleets involved, the brawl continued for over two hours, and featured ships ranging from Frigates to Marauders.

Shortly after 21:00, the first two fleets arrived on grid and the battle began in earnest. The biggest ballers of the night were Jazzy Jassamune Omanid and the combined group of PHUB/PHEW/LBUS/T0AST/KYBER. They brought not one, not two, but FIVE Marauders out to play, along with assorted support ships and logi. Jassamune’s big bucket of red meat chummed the waters, and proved to be irresistible to the circling sharks hunting for juicy killmails. Most of the fleets turned to clear the Marauders first. 

Sahara Jackal

You can read more about this epic battle from the various sides involved here

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