More Combat in the Proving Grounds

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Enter a brand new Abyssal Proving Ground in recognition of the Amarr Empire’s Foundation Day, where four pilots go head-to-head aboard the mighty Omen-class cruiser, with no specific resistance modules or rigs permitted. Prove yourself in honorable strategic combat as you battle for glory in the name of Holy Amarr!

This event opens at 11:00 UTC on August 6th, and runs until 11:00 on  August 10th. 

The ruleset for this event is as follows:

  • Only the Omen cruiser may enter
  • Focused resistance modules or rigs (EM, thermal, etc.) are disallowed
  • Module and drones are restricted to meta level 4
  • No pirate implants allowed

Gather your ships and Proving Ground filaments, available in Abyssal Deadspace or on the in-game market, and prepare yourself for a valiant contest of strength and strategy as you ascend the leaderboards and earn special rewards!

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