Interview with Rixx Javix of Eve Online

 Since I started doing these interviews, I have always wanted to know someone who play a pirate in game and wondered how they played their characters. This is a small look into someone who not only plays a pirate but leads the biggest pirate corporation within the game!

I have also linked his artwork, blog and Twitter accounts below the interview. Give him a follow and support his awesome artwork!

What motivates you to Play Eve online specifically, compared to other games you may play?

I’ve never encountered anything that presents the constant challenges, complexity, and depth that Eve Online presents. Every time I log-in I’m presented with new adventures and opportunities to create content, drive conflict, and overcome challenges. This aspect of Eve, combined with the community of friends spread around the globe, has kept me playing for almost 12 years now.

I have one character and his name is Rixx Javix. I have a few support characters that help him with various aspects of the game, but essentially I’ve been playing Rixx exclusively for 12 years now.

Rixx is the CEO of Stay Frosty and Alliance Executor for A Band Apart Alliance in-game. He is the Pirate Lord of Low Sec and runs the largest independent group of traditional Pirates in all of Eve. He’s been -10 for almost ten years straight now and Stay Frosty recently celebrated its seventh anniversary.

I enjoy playing Eve, one of the most complex and difficult games in the world, on Hard Mode. Playing one character, being -10, living in low security space, and flying primarily solo and small gang piracy every single day is really pushing the envelope and is incredibly difficult. I find that rewarding in ways that other play-styles in the game didn’t fulfill for me personally. 

Establishing Stay Frosty and ABA and have them be successful was a huge personal goal for me. Winning the Alliance Tournament is a goal I’ve set for us that we haven’t achieved yet. But mostly I’d enjoy being thought of as someone who contributed content that helped make the game a better experience for all players.

I’m in my early fifties and started playing Eve with my Son during a divorce we were both going through at the time. He still plays as well.

Absolutely. Our Alliance/Corporations have a very strong culture and we do not tolerate hate speech or any other form of conduct that hurts other players in any way. We’re a huge family of players that enjoy playing a game, so certainly my personal beliefs have strongly influenced how I conduct myself in-game. And out of game.

I’ve created an environment inside of Eve that keeps me entertained and engaged, while surrounding myself with friends and fellow players that share those beliefs and goals. Content creation, engagement, and challenging ourselves every day to become better and better solo and small gang pilots. Keeping that going and thriving is an objective that never ends.

This is an interesting question for me. Not so much from my character’s perspective, but from my own. The line between myself and my character disappeared back in 2015 when I created a line of illustrated posters that CCP started selling in the store. Fanfest that year was the first player event I had ever attended. Since then my Wife and I have been to Amsterdam, Iceland (3 times), Toronto, Vegas, Alaska, and have held our own event in our home five years in a row. In addition I make all of my isk in-game by providing other players graphic design services for Alliance logos, streamer graphics, illustration commissions, and much more. So there really isn’t a line between me and my character anymore, we are truly one and the same.

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