Interview with Reload/Tatius Jorgstern of Eve Online

 During my day job, I listen to a lot of talk radio. I also like to watch interviews on YouTube and this is what inspired me to want to get to know the actual players that play characters in the game Eve Online. There are some interviews out there that are interviews of the in-character players, I wanted to know about the behind the scenes of the players who play and why they play the game. Comments are always welcome and give him a follow on Twitter and YouTube, the links are at the bottom of the interview.

What motivates you to Play Eve online specifically, compared to other games you may play? 

 It’s been many different things throughout the years that I’ve played EVE. Overall, I’d say it’s the complexity of the game and the absolute freedom to forge your own path. Currently, it’s the Triglavian Invasion that’s keeping most of my attention. I’m following it very closely and am very excited to see where the story leads. 
Who are your main characters and who are they? 
 My main character is my oldest one: Tatius Jorgstern. I’ve got a support character as well that I used to use early in my EVE career for hauling while I mined. The other characters I created were just for research purposes for new player tutorials
What do you characters do, or what positions do they hold? 
 My main is the CEO of my “1-man” corp and a loyal supporter of Max Singularity, the Pope of New Eden. This character has done just about everything in game. Started out as a miner/industrialist, then went on to mission runner and eventually exploration, all sprinkled with random pvp attempts. Right now, I’ve been focusing on training for Triglavian ships for the Invasion. 
 What is your personal main driving point that makes you play these character(s)? And how do you approach it? 
 It really depends on what I’m concentrating on in game. If, for example, I haven’t tried Factional Warfare in a few years, I’ll dive deep into it, training whatever skills are necessary that I may be missing. I would say that before the Triglavian Invasion hit, I was starting to look into reactions and how/if they can be profitable. That’s one area of the game that I know very little about and it’s interesting to learn more. 
 Do you have some sort of goal you want to reach for your character(s)? 
 I guess I’m aiming to be able to fly every ship in the game. I’m keeping the first goal a little more reasonable and limiting it to sub-capitals only, but absolutely every ship is definitely the stretch goal. I think I’m actually only a few ships away from being skilled for every subcap! 
 Are there any Rl factors as to why you play the characters as you do? 
 Life is busy, it’s tough to dedicate hours per day to EVE. That definitely dictates how I play the characters and what kinds of activities I favor. There are plenty of quick activities in EVE that you can pick up for just 30 minutes to an hour, whether it’s PVE or even PVP. Aside from that, I made a decision to avoid joining corps and alliances with strict “call to arms” actions and mandatory ops. For me, EVE is entertainment and, at times, a creativity outlet that I enjoy on my own time. 
 How old are you personally? If you don’t mind me asking. 
 I’m in my 30s, heading steady into 40s 😀 
 Do any of your real life perspectives influence how you run your character(s)? 
 I think initially, in the first few months of me starting to play EVE, I was adhering to the “noble principles” of how my characters should act, always doing “the right thing”. EVE chiseled that away pretty quickly and, quite frankly, it was very interesting to switch the sides. Real life perspectives and interests always manifest themselves one way or another when you’re playing a sandbox game. I think I tend to steer towards industry in-game because I’m just generally interested in optimizing complex processes. 
 Do you have any personal objectives you strive for while in your character(s)? 
 Usually the objectives were directly related to what kind of activity or career I wanted to pursue in EVE at the time. First, I have learned industry and resource harvesting. Then I moved on to science and exploration, etc. As of right now, I’m working on getting that fancy lab coat from Project Discovery.
 Does your character(s) let you play out something that you wish you could do IRL? 
 I guess the most obvious one is I’d love to experience interstellar travel. But aside from that, I have to say not really. I think it’s quite the opposite effect. My EVE experience is directly tied to RL through the friendships that I’ve made in-game and at player meet-ups. Instead of being an escape from RL (like many games can be), I found that EVE actually enriched RL with meaningful connections to other people all over the world that have the same appreciation for EVE. 
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