Interview with Hideo Date of Eve University

1: What motivates you to Play Eve online specifically, compared to other games you may play?

The vast, complex and beautiful universe which allows you to do pretty much anything you can think of – if we are strictly talking of the game itself.

Central to any MMO is of course achieving something together with others. An aspect I generally like about them – in WoW I did a fair bit of raiding and group PvP – but in EVE I feel the sense of group achievements being something awesome is far more pronounced. And that applies to all levels and types of group activities: from a dual roam to small fleet to Corp/alliance management.

And with this, of course I have to mention the community. Specifically EVE University, but the wider community as well. I think it is a testament to the unmatched complexity of the game that we have – pretty much from the beginning – an organisation with a highly developed structure focused solely on helping players learn about the game.

2: Who are your main characters and who are they?

Well, in contrast to most EVE players I only really play this one character: Hideo Date. I do have a hauler alt on the same account and I do have a couple traders on an alpha account. But only the hauler gets somewhat regularly used.

I’ll have to rant a bit on this one actually: I totally get why people have alts or even multiple mains where they focus on different aspects of the game. Especially nowadays in EVE Uni we have quite a few people who actively contribute with a character to the Uni, but also have mains in other corps.

And of course using multiple characters at a time is done widely, it often adds quality of life: scouts, salvagers, combat alts to “solo” group content. I got a friend who has his own mining fleet. All cool, but just not my playstyle.

But what I do have a problem with is, that with the proliferation of alts the expectation to have and actively use them is widespread. 

I once saw an info graphic from a null bloc that showed you where supposed to have your own alt support fleet to even be allowed to fly a Titan. That concept really baffles me, shouldn’t the group I bring the most powerful weapons to make sure that they have a support network set up?

But apart from this kind of content (which most people never experience anyway), there are other parts of the game that are kinda blocked off due to these expectations. You can’t fly a Jump Freighter without having at least a few cyno alts. Generally cyno alts are a must for any capital ship player. Wormholers seem to have an expectation that you are supposed to have at least a few characters in the chain.

What my gripe with all of this is? It takes away from what I find most appealing about the game: achieving things together. Sure it’s so much more convenient if everybody brings his fleet of alts, than to build up and coordinate support networks, but for me personally it detracts from the game.

3: What do you characters do, or what positions do they hold?

I am a member of EVE University and currently a communications officer, working on PR and facilitating internal communication as well. Also a budding FC (fleet streamed every Monday at 1800 on and hopefully can get some time to become a teacher as well.

Otherwise I like to do a variety of things. But apart from PvP what I most enjoy is exploration. Did that with Probes, Cheetahs, Stilettos before and just did my first two trips with an Astero (even got a couple killmarks). For next Month Kelon Darklight is sponsoring a solo PvP event again, so I will take that as an opportunity to get back into doing that as well. Already have a progression path mapped out for me.

4: What is your personal main driving point that makes you play these character(s)? And how do you approach it?

Well, seeing as I am pretty ecstatic about EVE Unis mission and community I would say helping in any way I can to further these is a main driving point for me.

How do I do this? I guess mostly by trying to get the word out about all the great things we are doing in EVE Uni. Also trying to be more proactive about creating content (like my regular fleet now, and hopefully regular classes later as well).

5: Do you have some sort of goal you want to reach for your character(s)?

A general goal for me is to experience as much as I can in New Eden. My first significant step in that direction will be to join and organise events and fleets all around our campuses, completing our Cross Campus Initiative program and earning a shiny medal on the way.

Long-term I think I might leave the Uni for a couple years. I want to at least try and experience sov warfare and I would really like to be in a dedicated high class wormhole group for a while. But ultimately I think those will just be intermissions for me to come back to the Uni with more experience to give back.

6: Are there any RL factors as to why you play the characters as you do?

I suppose so. I like roleplaying, though I don’t really actively do it in EVE. But any character I ever played and indeed the – I guess you could call it mask – I am wearing now is not far from my actual personality, I think. I am just better able to be a bit more outgoing that way. Though my general introvertedness probably still shines through and from time to time my social anxiety kicks in.

7: How old are you personally? If you don’t mind me asking.

I think younger than most people I interact with regularly in EVE. Just 31. And I created this character when I was 23, joined EVE Uni when I was 27. And will probably still be in EVE Uni when I turn 35 at least 😀

8: Do any of your real life perspectives influence how you run your character(s)?

Probably. I am a trained nurse and currently a nursing teacher, so the mentality of helping others to help themselves, building relationships and teaching others go quite well with what I do in EVE.

9: Do you have any personal objectives you strive for while in your character(s)?

Develop my people skills (“soft skills”, but these are actually essential, as people should be aware by now). Getting better at English. Develop skills related to social media, writing, general creative skills. Hopefully getting some skills in graphics, video and streaming.

10: Does your character(s) let you play out something that you wish you could do IRL?

Well, I do mostly enjoy PvP. And that is certainly not something I want to experience IRL, I am more of a pacifist myself. But the other thing I really like is exploring. And seeing as I can’t fly around the RL Universe in an actual rust bucket, I guess that is something fitting to your question.


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