Eve Online Mining Ship

  Multiplayer sandbox games are a tough genre to break into, often leaving new players lost in all the features and options available. EVE Online, being a sandbox space simulator, takes that even further by placing as few restrictions on the player as possible while still being a competitive MMO. The choices come early on, and it can leave a lot of the new players, including myself, lost in space, wondering where to take all of this freedom. 

 Luckily, I got some help on my first steps into New Eden. Páll Bjarnason is an associate PR and marketing specialist at CCP Games who sat down with me during the tutorials to discuss the early choices, combat in EVE Online, and sage advice that beginning EVE pioneers should try and follow. 

 The first thing you do when starting EVE Online is build a character, and that immediately forces you to choose a starting faction. How much does that choice impact the game? Your character creation is purely an aesthetic point of view. The factions and bloodlines, all that stuff. The only differences that I can actually think of … are that you’re going to start off with some very, very basic skills.

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