Inside EVE Online’s Record-Breaking War

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EVE Online is currently in the midst of a record-breaking war. So record-breaking, in fact, that it broke two records in a single day. Those records came when over 8,000 players fought for control of a region called Fury at FWST-8, in an intense 14-hour long battle – the records broken were for Biggest PvP Multiplayer Battle, and Most Concurrent Players in a PvP Multiplayer Battle, with 6,557 EVE players there at the peak.

Few people know this war better than Peter Farrell. Farrell is a former EVE player who initially fought in the galactic trenches, then joined EVE developers CCP as a community dev, overseeing the conflict and communicating with the player base while the battle raged on. There’s /a lot/ to unpack with a war of this scale, but the obvious starting point would be the beginning. However, with how methodical a game like EVE Online is, it seems like the war started well before the fighting did. “The actual start of the fighting happened about a year ago, that’s when the war officially kicked off,” Farrell says. “But there were some machinations before that, with groups posturing and speculating. These groups had been preparing for war. They weren’t necessarily planning it. They didn’t know what form or shape it would take. But they knew it was coming. So they were building up their war coffers, building these huge endgame ships called Titans and supercarriers, and pumping them out at an alarming rate. At the time, it was peace. But the other groups saw this, and said ‘we’re going to do this too’. So technically speaking, the war started last year. But the roots go a little bit deeper.”

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