How EVE Online commandos pulled off a suicide mission to save 170 elite pilots

After a server crash trapped hundreds of its biggest ships, PAPI Coalition staged a costly but vital jailbreak to get them back.

On Monday evening a pilot in EVE Online’s PAPI coalition got a top-secret message that made his stomach drop. For nearly a month, Tony Rocca and around 300 of his comrades-in-arms had been trapped in one of the most dangerous sieges in EVE Online history. And in just 24 hours, PAPI was going to stage a daring rescue operation costing trillions of ISK, EVE’s currency, to get them out alive.

It might seem silly to risk so much for so little, but Tony Rocca isn’t your average EVE Online player. He’s a Titan pilot. Commandeering 18-kilometer-long supercapital ships equipped with devastating Doomsday weapons, Tony is a part of an elite brigade that forms the military backbone of EVE Online’s player-made empires. These massive ships cost over 100 billion ISK, take years of training to fly, and are the deciding factor in major battles between EVE’s different factions. When one side’s fleet commander calls in the Titans, the other side has two options: Call in their own or die. 

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