How easy is it to get into EVE Online in 2021?

Eve Online

There are some multiplayer games out there that fill gamers with a worrisome, nagging dread. Those behemoths that millions of people have been play for years, and that the very idea of starting right now seems destined for immediate failure. If you haven’t been playing League of Legends since year one, taken part in every Destiny raid, or ranked in every season of Overwatch, there’s a feeling that you shouldn’t even bother trying. That’s the category that EVE: Online fell into for me.

I’ve always known about EVE Online. Modern gamers are in fact born with an innate sense of EVE Online’s existence. It’s that game about spaceships, where you can take your spaceship and join up with everyone else’s spaceship to do *something*, all the while giant conglomerates wage occasional wars in which hundreds of thousands of real world dollars are blown to smithereens. That is where the innate knowledge, unfortunately, washes up on a distant planet’s shore, left to eddy in a tranquil sci-fi backwater along with Battle of the Planets and Wing Commander’s FMV. It is a game so epic in scale that somewhere along the way I’ve got lost trying to understand it.

So it was with fearful interest that I was given the opportunity to hop into EVE Online – some 18 years since its inception – and be led by the hand through its opening moments by Páll Grétar Bjarnason. This is a man who lives and breathes EVE Online, and in his dulcet Icelandic tones I was shown the way in.

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