German Frigate Free 4 All

Eve Online

Date: Friday, 04/09/2021 Time: 19:00 DE Meeting
Where: Amarr VIII (Oris) – Emperor Family
Academy Location: The Low Sec System will be announced on the evening TS:

Basic rules/infos:

  • X-Up in the G-Fleet In-game chat channel ( for Fleet Invite
  • The overview scan to the extent that you see Fleetmember and Nichfleetmember.
  • “Child protection on yellow” “not on red” in order not to be able to shoot pods (only necessary in the low system).
  • For safety reasons, put Death Clone on the NPC Station in Low.
  • No pods are shot, better take them down from the overview.
  • Fights only take place in the arena. Also not at the WarpIns (e.B. Arena WarpIn @400km) in the arena.
  • You’re welcome! use the BM’s in the arena and don’t warp directly on the opponent (that dictates the decency!).
  • The respective ship is traded via a specific char (see Fleet MOTD).
  • There are additional bookmarks for the NPC Station, Gates or Safespots.

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