Gateway – New Quadrant Starts Today

EVE Online’s third Quadrant of 2021 – Gateway – launches today! The Gateway Quadrant kicks off with an updated and improved new player experience to train freshly cloned Capsuleers, great opportunities for established corporations and alliances to recruit and train those Capsuleers, the introduction of brand-new Skill Plans to streamline Capsuleer advancement, and much more. There’s never been a better time to start, continue, or return to playing EVE!

Since 2020, EVE Online releases have been divided into four Quadrants each year, packed with exciting events, game features, login campaigns, balance updates, visual updates, technological advancements, competitions, Abyssal Proving Grounds, and more. Each Quadrant has a unique theme focused on a specific aspect of EVE Online, which guides the type of content you can expect to see. Quadrants are not limited to delivering content within a set theme only, but most will be connected to it to provide a holistic experience for Capsuleers in New Eden. The content itself is delivered in smaller increments throughout the Quadrant’s duration instead of a single big patch, giving you something interesting to do on every space adventure! Be sure to check out this Foundation Quadrant wrap-up for the highlights from Q2.

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