In July, it was mentioned that the shortage phase was ending, and that in Q4 EVE Online would be fully moving onto the redistribution phase, followed by dynamic distribution later in 2022. Specifically, the following was mentioned:

  • Introduction of moon ore & gas compression to better facilitate the newly decoupled industry changes
  • A balance pass for all mining ships
  • Additional specialized holds for gas and ice

As part of the New Dawn update, the foundations that have been built will be expanded upon and there will be full transition into the redistribution phase with a comprehensive update to mining and a balance pass to industry, including the above points and more. The goal is to provide players with more opportunity for resource gathering, better agency for efficient production, and to facilitate the transportation of materials. This will also add clearer progression for the mining path, as well as adding value for those who choose to specialize in the career.

This update introduces more raw materials into New Eden, compression for gas, ice & moon ore, updates to mining & mining crystals, and a rebalancing of the Orca and Rorqual as well as other mining ships. While the Orca and Rorqual will no longer be the best solo-mining platforms, they are receiving a buff to their command bonuses and added new roles.

All the details here and in the support document are a work in progress and subject to change before release on Tranquility. This is a major update and getting your feedback is imperative. As of today, the discussed changes are available on the Singularity test server, so we encourage all Capsuleers to dive in, explore the changes, and join the discussion in the official forum thread.

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