Foundation Quadrant – That’s a Wrap

EVE Online’s Foundation Quadrant has been eventful and full of excitement! As this second Quadrant of 2021 draws to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity to look back at the highlights and major updates introduced. Detailed below is a summary of this Quadrant’s in-game events, activities, community achievements, as well as gameplay & tech updates that are building the foundation of a thriving third decade for EVE.


The Foundation Quadrant saw EVE Online celebrate its 18th birthday in style with Capsuleer Day commemorating 18 years since the dawn of the Capsuleer Age. Celebrating the incredible togetherness and strength of EVE’s Capsuleer community, there were in-game activities and free gifts as pilots faced off against the Equilibrium of Mankind (EoM) terrorist group.

The great Empires of New Eden also hosted their own days of celebration, with Gallente Federation Day, Minmatar Liberation Day, Amarr Foundation Day and Caldari Union Day all featuring awesome in-game events and free gifts. Well done to all players that made awesome contributions to the propaganda contests and trivia quizzes that dovetailed with the Empire celebration days.

The Stargate Trailblazers event saw the Empires working to gather resources for the construction of new stargate routes around New Eden. Capsuleers picked sides and supported their faction at combat sites and resource harvesting sites. The event resulted in a new stargate being added to New Eden!


The year-long player war in Nullsec which has featured some of the largest battles ever recorded in New Eden – and gaming history – ended during the Foundation Quadrant! Be sure to check out the latest episode of The Scope for all the details.

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