Fleet Up in real life

Fleet Up

Meeting up, raising a glass, and sharing stories of epic battles and close escapes are integral to the EVE Online community. Luckily, opportunities to undock and Fleet Up in real life are on the horizon for players around the globe! While the world is not entirely out of the woods yet, many pilots are starting to gather in the wild for some out-of-game fun, and we trust that all player gathering organizers are keeping everyone’s safety at the forefront of their minds when planning their events.

Over 50 pilots met last month for the fifth EVE Poland meetup in Wawrzkowizna city. The celebrations and camaraderie lasted for a few days, with activities tailored for pilots of all ages to enjoy their time at the meetup. Those who demonstrated a vast knowledge of EVE Online during their quiz also took a bunch of cool swag back home with them. How cool is that Rifter?!

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