Compliments Of Ashy In Space

Everyone needs a hauler – there comes a point sooner or later in EVE where you get tired of moving ships one by one and you don’t want to pester your corpmates anymore. Enter: Deep Space Transports and Blockade Runners. The DST is a tanky as hell hauler that can fit a Micro Jump Drive and is naturally resistant to two points or one scram. Blockade Runners, on other hand, are fast and can fit a Covert Ops Cloak. I’ve got fits for all of them, so if you need to haul some stuff then this is the right place!

Now, there’s something you need to know about Transport Ships these days. Both DSTs and Blockade Runners can use Interdiction Nullifier Modules. HOWEVER, you should not use a Burst Jammer if you plan to make use of them. This is because if you have a Burst Jammer fitted it will actually disable your nullifier. You won’t realize this until you’re deep in the trap of a Sabre.

And talking generally about the fits you’ll find below, I’ve gone for good all-around haulers which will do well in and out of Highsec. If you know that you need more tank or a faster align time then go ahead, but you won’t get a better balance than these fits without throwing bling at the problem. Remember that the best way to haul safely is to have a decent fit and simply haul less stuff. Don’t walk around with 10k EHP and 5b ISK of loot or you’ll be picked off by the first Tornado out of Jita.

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