Fit Kitchen: Ashimmu

Did you know that there was a time when the Ashimmu only cost about 60m ISK? It wasn’t even that long ago, being that cheap until March 2021. Nowadays we’re rising back up to the 2014 cost of 150m ISK or more. I mention this because the Ashimmu is only worth about 60m ISK in all honesty. This is not a good ship for a few reasons that we’ll get into, though it does have some uses. I’ve been wrong about things before, but I think you’ll agree with me here.

The Ashimmu’s stats are, as always, below. Do note that this has a “damage bonus” of 100% but it can only fit 3 turrets. This is simply the equivalent of using 6 unbonused turrets, similarly to the Omen Navy Issue. That’s not bad on paper, but without an application bonus it means you only do ok damage under 10km. I don’t think that this means the Ashimmu needs a DPS buff. Instead, I propose a 100m3 drone bay and with 50mb bandwidth. Top up the base armor HP from 2,950 to 4,100 and you’ve got a much more competitive ship in the role it was designed for (without being OP).

Brawling Ashimmus

There are a few ways you can make this Blood Raider ship work well in a brawling environment. The most sensible one is a plate+ancillary rep for about 60k EHP. You can then slap on double web, double nos, and an afterburner to achieve something decent. You can swap to nos+neut for improved neuting, but it puts your own cap in trouble and that’s not something you want. If you lose your webs, guns, or tank then you’re useless. It’s not really worth blinging the webs here since you’re throwing money at a throwaway ship. Just get better at positioning and anticipating your opponent.

It’s worth noting that this fit makes use of two Corpum C-Type Medium Energy Nosferatus. They’re amazing at only 8m ISK with great range and lower powergrid usage. They should work well against most ships when disabling weapons/tank etc. but dual nos won’t necessarily be enough to take down a Tengu. It could simply slow down its own shield boosting since you really aren’t putting out that much damage.

The other way to make use of a brawling Ashimmu is in a heavy armour brawl. There’s a problem here, though. The Ashimmu has no range bonus on its neuts and you don’t want to have to spend 10-20 seconds burning over to the new primary before you have any effect. I say primary because I don’t recommend neuting the logi with an Ashimmu, you simply don’t have the range nor the strength to harass Guardians properly.

The fit I present below is my favorite balance of tank and neuts, mostly because I love the power of the small neuts here. They cycle much more quickly so if you’re not going after Guardians they will have a better chance at keeping hardeners or EWAR turned off. The single web also offers some limited utility to a fleet that doesn’t bring many of them. If you need more raw neuting power then you can access that relatively easily by swapping to a single plate and even dropping the 50MN. A final point on brawling Ashimmus: ship scanners are extremely powerful in the hands of someone who knows how to analyze a fit and seeing their cap level is a nice bonus.

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