Expert Systems Feature Coming To EVE Online, Though Not Without Controversy


New Expert Systems

CCP Games made the announcement via the EVE Online website, outlining what Expert System are and what they are  intended to provide. As a way to help new players navigate EVE Online’s complex skill system, CCP is going to be selling Expert Systems, which are a group of skills designed around one of the core gameplay concepts of EVE. This could include skills aimed at helping players learn mining, or ship operation to start exploring right away.

Skills in EVE Online take real world time to train, meaning that in order to start flying that really cool Astero to explore, or jump beyond a simple Retriever for mining ore, players can wait days, even sometimes weeks and months before they can fly their new fit. Skill points are available as Skill Injectors on the in-game market, and CCP sells packages in the EVE Store that offer new players a sizeable stack of skill points in order to fast track the skill queue, but it can be expensive, both in game and out. 

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