Eve’s Crimson Harvest Event Starts Today

Crimson Harvest


EVE’s premiere Blood Raider seasonal event has begun once again, starting today and running until 9 November! This year, Capsuleers will be met in battle by the forces of the Order of St. Tetrimon, an Amarr religious order dedicated to the preservation of the scriptures of the faith. Join the Order in their campaign to drown this sanguine spectacle in laserfire, or for the first time ever take the side of the Blood Raiders, venerating the Harvest and painting New Eden in crimson!

Combat and hacking sites for both sides of the conflict are appearing in Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, and Wormhole systems, with the advanced sites spawning in Lowsec systems within the Derelik region, as well as within Blood Raider-controlled systems in Delve. Additionally, communications intercepts have revealed whispers of deeper, more vital sites being established across the cluster, which may only be tracked down through escalations of the advanced combat sites.

Choose which side to support in the Agency section for the event, with unique sets of challenges and rewards for either path. Additionally, you can look forward to special daily login rewards packed with Skill Points, special Boosters, and new SKINs!


During the event, PVP kills can be expected to drop loot at an increased rate, averaging at 90%! Carve out your harvest from the wrecks of your targets, which will be marked with a special pumpkin icon, but beware in your prowl for treats – you may very well become someone else’s!

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