EVE Universe Latest Update: Angel Cartel

The Angel Cartel

The Angel Cartel is regarded by many law enforcement agencies as the most powerful and dangerous criminal organization in New Eden. The main reason for this assessment is the extent and scope of the cartel’s criminal activities. While most of the major outlaw factions have operations spread throughout the cluster, the Angel Cartel is notable for the extent to which it has insinuated itself into the core empires, as well as its considerable interests in the outer regions. Few other criminal organizations, for example, could boast of strong links with the Minmatar underworld while at the same time illicitly supplying slaves to the less scrupulous holders of the Amarr Empire. When these interests are set next to the cartel’s powerful presence in the Gallente illegal drugs market and the sinister tendrils it has inserted into the Caldari corporate world, it can be seen that the Angels’ reach is long indeed.

The cartel has established itself as a power in the lawless outer regions, in particular the aptly named Curse region, where it controls numerous stations and colonies. The impressive military power of the cartel is perhaps most strikingly illustrated by the fact that it has an entire division, the Guardian Angels, dedicated to protecting the interests of its main partner in crime, the Serpentis Corporation. The connection with the Serpentis has served to give the Angels a permanent presence in the Fountain region, making the cartel one of the few criminal organizations to maintain major holdings outside its home region.

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