EVE Online’s Player-Elected CSM Voting Results Revealed

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EVE Online’s player-elected Council of Stellar Management has held its campaign and voting, and now the results are in as CCP unveiled the winners of this year’s campaign. And as the summer intensifies, the Icelandic developer is starting to rollout trailers for its Foundation empires, this time showcasing the Gallente Federation.

This year’s Council of Stellar Management, dubbed CSM 16, sees mostly returning Council members elected, as all but one are previous Council holders. The Council represents the interests of players from across New Eden, though it’s normal to see Nullsec corporations dominate the CSM. This year feels no different in that regard with the major players in EVE’s ongoing player war sitting in multiple seats. According to The Imperium News Network, a player-run EVE news site, none of the worm hold candidates, nor candidates representing a Triglavian faction won a spot in the CSM this time around.

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