EVE Online’s Mobile Observatories Available for Test on Singularity

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 EVE Online’s mobile observatories are now available to test on the game’s Singularity test environment. If you’re looking to hop in and check them out, here are some details you might be interested in knowing.

The mobile observatory is described as a deployable which introduces a “new tool into the mix” as defense against cloaking incursions while you head into Lowsec and Nullsec regions of New Eden. As to how they work, they effectively ping the system intermittently. Doing this gives you a chance to detect and decloak any cloaked ships in the area. You can then combat-scan these ships and destroy them.

However, to provide some balance to the experience, your cloak ship will receive a new buff when you activate your cloak to provide some defense against the mobile observatory pings. If you want to check out this new tool, you can log on Singularity by checking out this article. If you want to learn more about these mobile observatories, check out the full post here.

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