EVE Online’s Massive World War Bee 2 Seems To Be Over

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The war that has been raging since summer of 2020 seems to have ended in EVE Online, as Reddit is awash with propoganda stating that Imperium have won World War Bee 2. This war, which has included battles which have earned the playerbase multiple world records, has raged for over a year, yet now with a PAPI alliance withdrawl from Delve, the end seems to be in sight.

The war between two of the strongest alliances in EVE Online started back in July of 2020, and since then has raged throughout nullsec space. The war itself has seens some of the most expensive battles in EVE history, as well as the largest fights, with the battle of M2-XFE being the most expensive as well as the fight that saw the most Titans, one of EVE’s most powerful class of ship, to the fray.

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