EVE Online’s ‘massacre at M2-XFE’ gets an official breakdown from CCP Games, officially tallies losses

The latest great battle in EVE Online appears to have wrapped up, leaving in its wake an absolutely astonishing number of destroyed ships. For those who haven’t been following along, the conflict first began on December 30th with a large number of extremely large ships arriving to M2-XF3, resulting in what was initially reported to be some large losses of hardware on both sides. Now thanks to reporting from the New Eden Post, we have some final tallies.

The full numbers of the losses in terms of ships and ISK for the so-called Massacre at M2-XFE already immediately eclipse the 2014 Bloodbath of B-R5RB: Approximately 5,600 players were in-system at the time, with 251 Titans lost out of a total 1,200 committed to the fight. 23 trillion ISK was lost in the battle, equating to a real-world value of $347,000. For context, the B-R5RB battle saw 11 trillion ISK lost.

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