EVE Online’s Foundation Day Propaganda Contest in Full Swing

Foundation Day Propaganda Contest

If you missed it, the Amarr Foundation Day event has been live for the past few days, due to end today. However, just because the event is coming to a close does not mean the propaganda contest is also over.

In order to participate in this contest, you’ll have to submit propaganda celebrating the “glory and majesty of Amarr.” Some such potential propaganda topics can include celebrating the history of the Amarr.

Of course, given this is propaganda, you could also denigrate the Minmatar, Gallente, Blood Raiders, or Triglavians. Additionally, you can praise and call out a famous location, or simply recognize a notable Amarr citizen.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, August 17. Winners will be notified of their victory shortly afterward. Those winners will receive various prizes. First place prices include:

  • Your choice of any Amarr ship model (Magnate, Oracle or Armageddon) offered by our friends at Mixed Dimensions
  • A set of brand new apparel: the Imperial Commander’s Dress Jacket and Pants (men’s and women’s)
  • Redeemer Lavacore SKIN

Second place prizes include:

  • 1100 PLEX
  • Imperial Commander’s Dress Jacket and Pants (men’s and women’s)
  • Apocalypse Lavacore SKIN

Finally, third place prizes include:

  • 500 PLEX
  • Imperial Commander’s Dress Jacket and Pants (men’s and women’s)
  • Armageddon Lavacore SKIN

You can check out all the rules and details here. In case you missed it, EVE Online’s massive player war, World War Bee 2, came to an end recently.

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