EVE Online warps in a ‘community-inspired’ patch

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Whether they’re the arrogant players who think they know better than the actual MMO developer or the dedicated fans who want nothing less than the best for a title, people love to know that they’ve been heard by game studios. Sometimes players do have really great perspectives and suggestions that a developer would be wise to take into account in shaping the future of an MMORPG.

That’s the thinking behind EVE Online’s Hunter’s Boon patch, at least. This “community-inspired” update is the result of feedback and discussions with CCP’s passionate fanbase, and so the studio is obviously hoping that it’ll make more than a few people happy.

The studio announced that several feedback-driven changes were put into the game, including mobile covert cyno beacons, Pacifier and Enforcer buffs, hardened cloak booster extensions, Tech 3 cruiser skill loss removal, and bonuses to reduce nullifier penalties for Intercepters.

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