Eve Online Sweetens Death Concept for New Players

Eve Gateway

Unfortunately, Eve Online is struggling to gain new players and, more importantly, keeping them. Although Eve Online is free-to-play, it requires a monthly subscription for to use more advanced spaceships and skills.

Last month, the folks at CCP released a new so-called Quadrant for Eve Online that aims o make new players’ lives easier. Once per quarter, CCP would launch a new update that typically focuses on game features, balance updates, events, login campaigns, competitions, and more.

The only thing that equals Eve Online’s complexity is its steep learning curve. Even though it wasn’t the main reason I stopped playing the game several years ago, it surely contributed to the decision. Last month’s Gateway update brings an improved new player experience to new players and a handful of other important gameplay features aimed at new Capsuleers.

Despite the fact that CCP has released the Gateway Quadrant as a stepping stone for its upcoming update coming in November, I believe it does another one other thing really well: it explains the concept of death in Eve Online.

This is truly a complex game, but what new players really need is to understand that dying in Eve Online is just as normal as riding a bike. That’s something that Eve Online veterans accepted and are now having a great time in the game, but dying a few times as a new player can be a real issue.

Cosmin Vasile
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