EVE Online shining up its starbases for Odyssey

Eve Online

In theory, player-owned starbases are a major component of EVE Online‘s gameplay. In practice, the acronym for these structures is seen as being unintentionally appropriate. But if you’re an owner of a POS and hoping for some love from the development team, you can take heart that Odyssey is aiming to incorporate several new features to make these bases more desirable and worthwhile. Even if not all of these features are certain inclusions just yet, they’re still enticing additions.

Among the major changes coming to starbases are the inclusion of private hangars, repackaging modules within starbase arrays, and the removal of sovereignty requirements from capital ship maintenance arrays. The UI will also be tweaked and improved, and players will be able to swap Strategic Cruiser subsystems from a starbase while accessing any of the starbase’s arrays from within the facility’s shield. For full details on the hard work being done to improve these structures, check out the full development blog.

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