Eve Online Reveals Over 24 Million Lifetime Pilots Have Taken Flight In New Eden

EVE Online is launching on the Epic Games Store today, and CCP to celebrate the launch the team released some stats about the historic playerbase in New Eden.

According to CCP, EVE Online has seen over 24 million pilots enter the universe of New Eden in the 18 years its been online, with just over 2 million pilots being added since 2020 began alone. Over the course of its lifetime, EVE Online players have also seen over 91 million ships destroyed, whether by misadventure, other players getting the better of each other or the massive player wars that have been the hallmark of EVE’s history. 

The latest quadrant update, Gateway, is all about new players, and the launch into the Epic Store continues that push by the Icelandic developer. One of the pillars of Gateway is the massive overhaul to the New Player Experience, designed to keep those new players engaged in EVE once the initial tutorial hands them off to the vast sandbox that is New Eden.

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