EVE Online Players Are Pushing Back Against CCP Due To Recent Resource, Other Changes

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CCP Games is no stranger to controversy within its created universe, and EVE Online players aren’t new to voicing their displeasure. Recently players have been concerned about the direction of EVE Online, particularly how recent changes to resources and industry have shaken the game to its core.

In a new article on Kotaku, EVE journalist Lee Yancy dives into the issues surrounding the outcry, which some are dubbing a second “Summer of Rage,” hearkening back to a previous period in the history of New Eden. The long and short of it is multiple factors across the past few years, from the massive changes to the Rorqual, an capital class industry ship that was turned into a massively powerful mining vessel, all the way to the current resource reallocation by CCP Games, changes to industry gameplay and even the ongoing war effort that has now lasted for a year between the player alliances.

Yancy describes a situation where players used the changes of the Rorqual ships to their advantage, amassing large quantities of materials in no time thanks to the ability to multibox the capital ship easily. As such, an “arms race of epic proportions” began among the different power blocks in New Eden. This turned one of the most powerful and expensive ships in EVE‘s history, the Titan, into something that was relatively easy to manufacturer by the large alliances.

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